Links of the week 11/27/13


A compilation of my favorite links this week (In no particular order)

1. Want to feel old? Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving song is 20 YEARS OLD THIS YEAR! Hard to believe. I seriously love the song, and just stumbled upon this article explaining all the pop culture references in the song.

That's alotta Utah's.

That’s alotta Utah’s.

2. It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America It’s easy to laugh at these Brits for not being able to label all of the states, but why should they be able to? No way in H-E-double hockey sticks could I name all the countries in Europe (odds are you can’t either). And it was nice to see they had some fun with it. Side note: I don’t think anyone got Missouri right.

RetailMeNot_jpg_280x280_crop_q953. Retail Me Not — ‘Tis the season for lots of shopping. Want to save a little money? Check this site before hitting the mall. It shows sales and has coupons for pretty much every store out there. It has literally saved me hundreds of dollars over the last couple years. Plus, there’s an app for your smartphone. You can have the cashier scan your phone at the register. You’re welcome in advance.

4. Pro Football Mock posts fake Facebook conversations between NFL quarterbacks every week. If you’re a football fan, you’ll love it. if not, don’t bother. (If foul language bothers you, ignore this link.)


5. Boycott Black Thursday For those of you that know me, you probably know I LOVE to shop. Seriously, I can tell you what stores are in every mall in a 300+ mile radius around me at any given time. I hate that stores are open on Thanksgiving though. Let the workers have time with their families. Not only do these workers (most of whom, I imagine, only make about minimum wage) have to be away from their families on the holiday, they have to deal with some of the worst people on earth: “I have to get the best deal” Black Friday shoppers. These are the people willing to LITERALLY KILL OTHER PEOPLE  just to save a few bucks on a TV. Get your priorities straight folks.

6. Relay For Life Holiday Bazaar If you are in the Hornell, N.Y. area Saturday, head on over to this great event. There’s dozens of local craft vendors, silent auctions, 50/50, food and drink, and more. All proceeds will go to help the American Cancer Society kick cancer’s ass.

Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 12.45.05 AM

Twerkity twerk twerk.

Twerkity twerk twerk.

7. What do you get when you combine Chatroulette, a scantily clad hairy man, a leather couch, exercise ball and a sledgehammer? Hilarity. My boyfriend has a unhealthy obsession with Miley Cyrus (to the point he dressed up as her for Halloween and I dressed as Robin Thicke — before you judge, know that we won a $100 bar tab). Anyway, because of this obsession, I am always on the lookout for links to prove to him how awful she is. This video is a complete riot though. In only two days it has over 24 million views on YouTube. If you are one of the six people on the planet that hasn’t watched it yet, put down whatever you’re doing and watch it. The looks on people’s faces range from terror, to shock and awe. A lot of them even joined in on the man’s act.

8. I started with Adam Sandler and will finish with him as well. In addition to Thanksgiving, it’s also Hanukkah, so I leave you with The Hanukkah Song.

Have a link I need to see? E-mail it to me at, leave it in a comment here, or tweet at me @LynnsPics. I’ll be posting a new list of my favorite links every Wednesday.


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